Paper Napkin Flowers Blossoming Charm

pink lemon white paper napkin flowers

Simple Decorating Ideas to Try with Paper Napkin Flowers

Flowers are easy to make with a paper napkin or two, based on the sum of petals needed in your chosen designs. The projects take minimal effort, and you can make a variety of gorgeous paper blooms quicker than you imagine. Besides, they’ll surprise you with how making them compare to tissue paper flowers, following the exact instructions. Why not try something new? You can make a bunch of paper napkin flowers with confidence.

My story: A stack of paper napkins of unexpected hue landed in my hands, and I thought to craft them into leaves, having no intent on making flowers. It didn’t last. Soon creativity ushered me into a trial-and-error mode, producing clusters of flowers out of paper napkins.

My passion increased, paper napkin flowers took over my crafting, and I explored making them for parties, weddings, and other occasions. I’m still testing; featured blooms are the results in part.

DIY Paper Napkin Flowers in Pictures

red paper napkin flowers - white coffee filter flowers
Above: Red paper napkin flowers mixed with with white coffee filter flowers.
In the Image Above: A lime green purchased paper flower adds subtle hues to a white bathroom tissue bloom. Apart from coloured or white napkins, a few supplies are all you’ll need to make your best flowers.
Above: The flower gained its organic-looking shape from printed napkins. I cut out the petals, gathered them, and applied the centre and stem.

The good news is you may separate layers, allowing light to pass through formed petals.

Pinks Purple and Somewhere Between

Above: Deep purple paper napkins dip-dyed in water and bleach. This also uses connected petals and a gathered base found in Rolled Tissue Paper Flowers in 3-Steps.

Pretty Paper Napkins Make Beautiful Flowers

Akin to coffee filters and cupcake liners, those pretty paper napkins couldn’t escape my grasp. The draw is they’re available in a spectrum of colours comparable to tissue paper. Despite that, they lack the see-through quality of lightweight wrapping paper. The good news is you may separate layers, allowing light to pass through formed petals.

Reds, Pink, Dip-Dyed Paper Napkin Flowers

pink paper napkin flower
Pictured Above: I was looking for a lightweight flower here. so, I separated 2-ply napkins. It’s not what I was looking for. I’ll try with again.

Starring Pink 2-Ply Napkins

Paper Napkin Flowers with Circles or Strips

A Touch of Red

Coloured napkins can save you time and omit dip-dyeing them, but petals won’t display ranging colours. Instead, hues will relate to your napkins’ shade or tint and the immediate lighting.

You have choices; learn how to make them for desired results. Either cut the napkins into rectangular strips or circles. If you’re using rectangles, shape the petals on one end and gather them at the base.

pink and red bouquet paper napkin flowers
Pictured Above: These beauties use the Rolled Tissue Paper Flowers in 3–Steps method. The shape comes from holding the petals on an angle, as you would when covering stems with tape.
Above and Below Images: Cut, fringe, gather, and roll, or fold, form, stack and glue; you can use paper napkins to make varied flower shapes.

Crafting Beauty One Petal at a Time

Treat circles as if making coffee filter flowers, folding them into cone shapes, and rounding the edges to create petals. Assembling them involves stacking, gluing and adding centres. Besides, you can use any of the flowers to make bouquets for special occasions, including birthdays, showers, and Mother’s Day.

Pastel Coloured Paper Napkin Flowers

Multicolour paper napkins make flowers perfect for children’s parties.

pastel-coloured paper napkin flower
Above: I used 3-Ply pastel-coloured paper napkins to create the medium and largest petals. For the center, I laminated pink tissue paper and banquet paper.
multicoloured paper napkin flower pastel
Featured Above: The 3-ply napkin sported a colourful theme suited to children’s parties. The beaded centre adds a pearly contrast.

Blue Paper Napkin Flowers

Mixing Things Up with Multicolored Serviettes

Materials used for petals in the group of flowers at below left are 3-ply napkins for petals. Blue and white crepe paper streamers, purchased paper roses, and colourful fringed napkins highlight the deep brown hues in the connected petals.

Introduce Warmth with Lemon Yellow Orange Hues

yellow paper napkin flower
Above: Yellow paper napkins dipped in water and bleach solution produced the colour gradation in this sunny flower. Fringed cut-off border strips from the napkins.

The tall centrepiece below is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve made with paper napkins, using stems, paper napkins, and glue. Two-ply ivory napkins bought online showed a tad yellow for the intended project, and I made paper leaves. Results propelled me to search for varied napkins and I got 3-ply cocktail napkins. They were perfect for my tests.

Above: Looking up at a burst of ivory paper napkin leaves. I cut the leaves connected-style and applied them as I would cover a stem.
paper napkin flowers centres lemon yellow
Paper napkins don’t go to waste over here. I made these centres from the borders I cut off to make the centrepiece of leaves.

The bouquet below got its hue from orange napkins dipped in water and bleach. Cotton swabs bordered with a fabric fringe makeup the centres. A brown marker furnished the middles with colour, and added the dark spots at the base of the petals.

bouquet orange paper napkin flowers
Deep orange paper napkins dipped in water and bleach take on a light yellow hue. Speckles from a marker, a darkened cotton swab and fringe form the centres.
closeup yellow orange paper napkin flowers
Closeup: A closer look at the contrasting textures used to make the above flowers – paper napkins, fabric, cotton swab.

Final Thoughts

Have I inspired you yet? I sure hope so. Now, it’s your turn to gather some supplies and get crafting. Too, remember you don’t have to do it alone. If you can, have a friend join you, and make clusters of pretty paper napkin flowers. So guess what, at this point, I’m thinking, how I wish I could be there. Anyway, I have a hunch, you can take pictures and share.

As always, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time.

If the Lord will, I’ll see you next the time you visit.

deep pink paper napkin flowers
pink pale yellow paper napkin flowers
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