Paper Leaves -Make With a Simple Twist

Make Your Paper Leaves Just the Way You Want

Paper leaves are easy to create, and you can mould them into gorgeous decor. You’ll find versatile accents, and loads of simple designs are open to your plans. They can fill in for flowers and botanical design pieces at discount prices, and can prove eco-friendly. The results of your creativity will sway you after learning how to make leaves for your next event or home decor project.

These quick and easy leaves will impress you with their ease of use and eventual results

Now may be the ideal time to discover your artistic possibilities. Make them towering into the air or low-growing along a surface. The images in this article display my experiments to make them with a simple twist. These are quick and easy varieties, doing more in less time. On that account, I used joined leaves for many samples, except those made with coffee filters, construction, and brown paper.

Leaves play an enormous role in nature, and in Autumn, in their outburst of colour, they can rival the grandest flowers. We have admired them, sprouting from tender plants or solid wooded branches. Likewise, these quick and easy leaves will impress you with their ease of use and eventual results, and you don’t need to mix them with blooms.

Nature’s Most Colourful Show on Your Craft Tabletop – Paper Leaves

None of the samples shown required templates, except for the coffee filter leaf below, for which I outlined a fresh Hosta leaf and reversed the colour pattern. It’s a natural way to bring the outdoors to indoor spaces. When nature is this beautiful, why not capture it with your creativity?

Supplies Used

  • Newsprint
  • Banquet paper
  • Tissue
  • Coffee filters
  • Frayed fabric strips
  • Marshmallow sticks – 30-Inches
  • Diluted craft paint


  • Craft glue
  • Scissors (Regular and edge)

See Supplies for Paper Flowers to Blossom. Materials listed are fit to make leaves, for a quick change in decor, or when you have to deliver orders on short notice.

Possibilities are endless, whether you choose to use templates or let your creativity flow through freehand methods. The steps to making your ideal leaves are standard. Start by cutting papers into your desired shapes, then add grooves and jagged edges as needed.


Create Textured Allure

Centrepieces of foliage need a touch of interest to keep them from showing bland. For this reason, try mixing papers, leaf shapes, and varied hues to make gorgeous decorations every time. Still, if you plan on pairing them with flowers, browse Easy Paper Flowers to Make Whenever.

Easy Shaping and Guidelines

Edge scissors make light work of forming varied leaf outlines but can have limitations. Softer texture papers often jam the blades, and they cannot cut through, but with sturdy sorts, they make clean cuts, creating a variety of leaves with snag-fee edges in minimal time. You can find them online and at department and craft supplies stores.

Methods Used

Laminating Papers

Density, texture, and colouration are easy to create with lightweight paper and glue using matching or other sorts. Here, I ran a few mixes. Two sheets of painted newsprint fused, coloured sheets bonded to both sides of banquet paper created a second surface, and one sheet of newsprint clad between two leaves of tissue formed yet another. Centrepieces of foliage need a touch of interest to keep them from showing bland. For this reason, try mixing papers, leaf shapes, and varied hues to make gorgeous decorations every time.

Template-Free Quick Paper Leaves

The featured paper leaves don’t depict nature and can adapt to quick and easy craft and decor solutions when time is short, but they aren’t thoughtless tasks. Start with basic principles, follow creativity’s lead, and it will surprise you with the many forms leaf-making can boost your paper crafts. Besides, one of the most straightforward ways to use your leaves is in centrepieces with flowers, but you can create much more with other home decorating items. Sometimes, the only paper you’ll ever need is waiting in your craft room in another form. A bag, maybe?

paper leaves - blunt point green blades grass
The blades of grass above, showing the boxy tips, are an explicit fail, resembling the point of a plant assaulted with scissors. I won’t use the finish in future leaf projects.

The Sound of Failure is a Stepping Stone

Often, experiments don’t deliver the results we hope for, and if each trial works, it may signal we are in our comfort zone. Here’s the positive theme in failure; it’s a necessary part of learning, allowing us to take lessons forward and pass them on to others. As a result, I learned to welcome it, and urge the same, but sometimes, I am a tad peeved.

Bright green paper leaves branch

Make Ahead and Store Leaves to Preserve Form

It’s a bright idea to make your leaves ahead of time for an event, but it’s only workable if you have suitable storage. Remember, they are paper. When I needed to store my own, I used sheets of craft styrofoam hung on the wall, as in an ample size pegboard. Aim for a loose packing arrangement to keep their shape.

pink green paper leaves branches pink vase

Spotlight Your Paper Foliage

Unless for specifics, resist designing your paper leaves as fillers for displays, although they play their role in displays. Instead, imagine a little black dress (LBD) you can accessorize. Left on its own, it wants for nothing; transfer the same principle to your foliage. I promise it’s a game changer, and if you plan on pairing them with flowers, you win again.

paper leaves - pale yellow hanging

With a set of Paper Napkins, you can turn Dull Days to Colourful Crafting

Make the leaves you want when you need them; tremendous creativity follows when you know. The above-featured leaves use paper napkins; if a similar project is part of your plans, you won’t regret it. Create single or joined leaves. Both methods will allow you to reach your design goals, perception, and mixing colours. You may choose to use templates, and if you decide to make yours, you can cut them freehand without sketching. It’s the fastest way to make paper leaf templates.

Despite that, the noted method doesn’t work for everyone. If you fall into that bracket, you have a couple of options. First, you can use leaves from your backyard or another outdoor location. Try to collect them in a variety of sizes. Then, place them on paper and trace them. It’s easy to achieve if the leaves are clean and dry and you have an accessible photocopier.

Afterward, print the images on paper, cut around them, and you will have a template. Still, you may find the pattern softer than you need. In such a case, you could glue the entire sheet to cardboard or heavier-weight paper, then cut out the templates. If that fails, cut the leaves first, then glue them to paper or cardboard. That’ll mean cutting paper templates twice, but it works if the only thicker pieces of paper you have are smaller than a sheet of printer paper.

construction paper leaves bright green

Paper Leaves Craft and Decorating Ideas

Many crafters favour fall leaves and tropical foliage, and you can recreate them using tutorials and videos to guide you through each step. With help at your fingertips, you can design scores of leaves that evoke nature’s vibrant glory or choose whimsical styles.
On another note, paper leaves can be a versatile and cost-effective way to add a touch of art to your home decor or special events. Handmade leaves offer a wide range of adorning options, whether you want to adopt the tropical senses of palm leaves or the warm hues of autumn foliage.

Below is a list of exciting ideas to inspire you:

  • Palm and autumn leaves: Form various shapes and sizes to depict palm leaves and the vivid colours of autumn foliage. Use them to create striking wall art, table centrepieces, or accents for gift wrapping.
  • Wall hanging: Transform a plain wall into a charming display by forming paper leaves in an artistic pattern. You can mix varied leaf shapes, sizes, and colours for an eye-catching effect.
  • Fall leaves and decor: Besides, you can appeal to fall’s warmth with crafted leaves in lively hues of red, orange, and gold. Scatter them on your table and other surfaces, or create wreaths and garlands to adorn doorways.
  • Garland: Paper leaf garlands are a pleasing way to add a touch of whimsy to any space. String together various leaves using thread or twine and hang them across windows, mantels, or handrails.
  • Paper flowers: Similarly, mix your leaves with handmade paper flowers for gorgeous floral displays that will never wilt. Use them as centrepieces, bouquets, or hair accessories for dress-up affairs.
  • DIY home decor ideas: Merge your paper foliage into various DIY projects. Use them to adorn picture frames, lampshades, book covers, and personalized greeting cards.
  • Backdrop: Paper leaves can help create a dramatic backdrop, whether hosting a photo booth at a party or setting up the scenery for an event. Arrange them in clusters or create cascades to add depth and visual interest.
  • Nursery: Crafted leaves in suitable hues are an adorable accent to a nursery’s decor. Hang them from the ceiling to create a whimsical mobile, or use them as wall decals to bring a touch of nature into the room.
  • Birthday party: Incorporate paper leaves into various party themes. Adorn tables with leaf-shaped confetti, create leafy backdrops for photo booths, or use them as place card holders for a nature-inspired.
newsprint paper leaves green pale yellow
Your leaves can stand as centrepieces, rivalling the prettiest of handmade flowers.

Versatility and Options

With their ease of crafting and ability to adapt, paper leaves offer endless prospects for DIY decor, whether you’re planning a special event or want to add a touch of creativity to your home. As noted, making leaves in varied shapes, sizes, and colours isn’t hard. You can choose from various papers, including cardstock or crepe paper, to achieve desired results. With a few base tools, you can bring your ideas to life.

Design leaves and create lovely wall art by setting them in a pattern, or make garlands by stringing multiple leaves together using twine or ribbon. Drape a swag of leaves across windowsills or mantels for an instant pop of colour and texture. Into that bargain, paper leaves are a splendid choice for adding elegance and whimsy to your event decorations. They’re eye-catching, scattered on tabletops as confetti, or placed in vases to form centrepieces.

red paper leaves branch

From Home to Workplace and Events

Further, they’re ideal for mixing into floral arrangements for weddings or other marked events. Paper leaves aren’t only low cost but can prove an eco-friendly art depicting one of nature’s best species. Besides, they have the luxury of lasting longer without wilting or needing upkeep.

green red paper leaves - purple pink roses

Your turn. Grab your supplies and delve into making paper leaves. Let your imagination take flight as you create your style of botanical gems that will bring a touch of creativity into your home or workplace. Remember, even simple leaves can inspire awe. Happy crafting!

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